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95% OFF Re-Launch SALE

Hello Cat lovers!

My name is Maya and I am the owner of Art of Paws Pet Furniture.

We are currently running a giveaway relaunch for our cat shelves. This means that we are heavily discounting our shelves from the usual $39.97 down to $1.99! There is a limit of one cat shelf per household.  This is our cat shelf which we are “giving away” at $1.99

How does the re-launch work?

Step 1:

- Email me at 

- Confirm you would like to order the cat shelf & you are happy to share pics of your cat with the shelf on Facebook or Amazon

Step 2:

- Receive a reply from me with an link & discount code 

- Apply the discount code on the Amazon checkout page.

    How does this benefit Art of Paws?

    We need cat pics! Post pictures of your cats enjoying the cat shelf. You can share these via Amazon or Facebook. I will send a follow up email with the link to post photos of your cat and the cat shelf about 7 days after your purchase so you have time to install the shelf.

    This re-launch will end as soon as we have sufficient participants, please email soon to avoid disappointment.

     Best wishes from Maya and the 4 kitcats at Art of Paws