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About us

Welcome to our website!

If you’re a helpless cat lover like we are, you already know, they certainly have their way of stealing your heart!

They are always delivering their demands in utter cuteness, so that you just can’t resist!  And so, we have dedicated our days and hours to fulfilling those demands and making their lives even more comfortable!

Creating unique products, from the most luxurious, fluffy, heated beds (so we can spend hours watching them cuddle or knead!) to fantastic toys to keep them entertained, we make sure that every one of our Art of Paws product passes your kitty’s test!

Our four feline experts, Smudge, Paisley, Bailey and Argyle make sure they’re up to scratch!

We know what your precious kittens love most and are here to provide it for them. Because nothing could make us happier!

If you have suggestions, questions or are interested in our current projects, get in touch at

Thank you for visiting us!