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Art of Paws Photo Contest


Art of Paws Photo Contest
We are giving away 2 FREE products each month!
All you need is a photo of your cat with their favorite Art of Paws item.
Think you can do this? 

How to Join?

1. Post a photo or video on Amazon of any Art of Paws products:
    2. Post the same photo or video either on:
      3. CONGRATS You have now entered the contest!

      Rules to Remember

      1. For a valid entry, your photo or video must be posted as a product review on Amazon.
      2. The same photo or video must be posted on either Facebook or Instagram, or both Facebook and Instagram.
      3. The winner will be chosen based on how funny, entertaining, cute, interesting, mesmerizing or captivating your photo or video is.
      4. Rally your furrriends! Get like and love votes on your Facebook and Instagram entries. The more likes and love you get, the more chances for you to win!
      5. Toesies crossed! We will announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram every second Friday.
      6. Once you post your photo or video, you give us the right to re-post the photo or video to our other Art of Paws social Media channels.
      7. There are only Winners! If your entry didn't get picked this time, you can join the contest again next time. Just send us a new photo or video entry on Facebook or Instagram.  
      8. The contest is open for UK and US furrriends.

      Got questions? Need help? Send us a message on any of our social media channels or email us at

      Good luck and Have Fun!