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Heated Pet Mat

  • KEEP YOUR PETS HEALTHY! The Art of Paws pet heating pad is designed to keep cats of all Ages comfortable and warm at all Times of the year; the heated pet bed provides an IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST as cats are sensitive to the cold, much like humans are. A constant source of warmth ensures their immune system remains strong.
  • PROVIDE RELIEF FOR OLDER PETS when your pet experiences joint stiffness or pain, they have no way to communicate this to you, but with a cat heating pad they can self-treat and enjoy better mobility.



  • Particularly suitable for SURGERY RECOVERY, ARTHRITIS, BONE AND JOINT ISSUES and for the colder months.
  • ECONOMICAL & EASY TO CLEAN the low voltage internal thermometer automatically adjusts to your pet’s presence. 
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SIZES Measures 23” x 17” suitable as large heated cat bed, a medium sized heated dog bed.

 ★ If my cats had opposable thumbs they’d give this a definite thumbs up (then presumably take over the world). Bookworm

★ Our crazy cat loved it the minute after I plugged it in! Thanks Ann D. 

 ★★★★★ Far exceeded my expectations! My cat instantly loved it and is on it all the time. Deanna Finchampon